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Prediabetes among Nigerian adolescents

The common belief is that diabetes is an adult’s disease and very far from individuals below the age of 40.

A new study by Oluwakemi Arigbede, Ikeola Adeoye, Olumide Jarrett and Oyindamola Yusuf has disproved this myth.

In the study conducted on a sample size of 500 in-school adolescents published in the International Journal of Diabetes in Developing Countries, the research group discovered the prevalence of prediabetes, and its risk factors – frequent consumption of carbonated drinks, attending a private school, elevated blood pressure and overweight or obese – among the secondary school adolescents in Ibadan, Oyo State.

The researchers, therefore, recommend better preventive actions and early intervention by the government especially in the “surveillance of potential risk factors through school-based screening among adolescents.”

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